Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Fall

So what if We have nurtured so many criminals in our country, we cannot accept the same by others, be they our neighbors or far-situated-racist-sister!

I Know I'm unable to express myself in a most expressing fashion for I know the dilapidated condition we are in. The grudges make me unable to mold my rational thoughts in the best possible way.

We love being paradoxical.....after all We still cherish our chicken-egg paradox! We wish to prosper; India should have a permanent seat it Security Council, but what good does it do for the suffering souls. The recession has been tackled, many companies have shown their growth in the last quarter of the Georgian year, but how does it has proved vital in the stability of price! Are the prices of commodities following the only-positive-movement-of
time notion!

We have taken various steps towards Globalization, world as one whole nation, but it does more to economically unite the world for the benefits of the bourgeoisie.

I suggest in meek words that we are still not fit to be Universal citizen because we are against even being an Indian, not all but scarce they are yet it matters, forget a feud between two nation, here two neighboring states are not compatible.

Our hobby: Divide into as many parts ( still an adorer of divide-and-rule policy, sub-consciously ) as possible so there cannot be any possibility to divide further...hmmm.

We will renovate the city, preparing it for Commonwealth Games, but we won't think about the poor scattered around on the footpaths and alas there are many who have lost the fight, fought amongst their type and they even don't own a spot at those pavements. Power amidst powerless!

We will present our nation in the best possible way, so that the "OTHERS" could appreciate us, our culture, which must appear strong from outside, who give a damn what's inside! We'll certainly veil our deficits somehow or the other, that's our prime motto. By the way what good can happen to the down-trodden? And when they are already named thus, why not let them come up to the expectation of the epithet they have been given?

What more can we say when in a SECULAR nation, a democratic party fights ( alas we even fight during democratic step, actually we don't contest!! ) election with a religious manifesto, and when they lose, they are still unawares about the whereabouts of the Nation's glories which lies in its Unity in Diversity.

It's strange that such people of such a great intellect, those to whom we hand the rights of judging for us, cannot think to even the level of petty uneducated labor. Has the wheel turned around, has the world neared a reversal. Is it antithesis? Then sure the desirous Change is Near. We Pray and We Hope and We Prepare for such a nation where.............................

Do I need to say, but after all it's only about Point of View.

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