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Shive Prasad Demolished Babri Masjid That Day - Seeks Forgiveness Today !

Shive Prasad Demolished Babri Masjid That Day - Seeks Forgiveness Today !


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Ayodhya - Dec. 6, 1992

Among the fears of lakhs [hundreds of thousands] of Kar Sevak who had gathered to demolish the Babri Masjid , few furiously climbed on the majestic minaret of the mosque. The most important among the few were Shive Sainik. A resident of Faisabad, where Ayodhya is situated, Shive Prasad was the captain of Bajrang Dal. He was given the responsibility to guide four thousand Kar Sevak in the demolition of mosque.

It was he who gave training to four thousands of people under him, on how to carry the demolition. On seeing the majestic minarets of the mosque come down Captain Prasad was overjoyed and shouted the "Ram! Ram!" This happened seven years ago.

On Dec. 6 ,1999 the same Shive Prasad was seeking forgiveness from Allah for his cruel act seven years back. This 6 Dec.1999 he was fasting (non-obligatory) and regretting for the act with tears and was seeking forgiveness from Allah in his prayers. Yes ! Shive Prasad has embraced Islam. He has changed his name to Mohammed Mustafa. One will be moved to learn how he embraced Islam.

This change in Shive Prasad's heart was published by Malayalam News (7.12.99) issued by "Arab News Publications" in Saudi Arabia. Shive Prasad's father Trigal Ramanathan was chief among the heads of Sangh Parivar. His whole family was actively involved in demolishing the Babri Masjid.

Soon after the demolition of the mosque, Shive prasad felt a depression in his heart. He had no peace of mind. He felt that he had committed a great sin. In 1997 he went to Sharjah in order to seek employment. But even at work his mind was restless.

On Dec. 4, 1998 as he was walking along the streets of Sharjah, he happened to hear a speech before Friday prayer held in a mosque which was in Hindi. When he heard the speech, which he felt was something different. He wanted to listen the complete speech. That message about Allah created a revolution in his rest less mind. He continued to listen to such speeches thereafter. The revolution in his heart was completed.

All praise be to Allah ! Allah has shown him the right path. He has forfeited the ignorance and chosen the righteous path. When Shive Prasad embraced Islam he was driven out by his family members who were strong RSS activists. He is praying to God that his family members should also choose the righteous path as he did. Shive Prasad says that among those who led the demolition on the spot were Ashok Singhal and Advani. On the day of demolition the police and CRPF connived with the leaders of BJP, Bajrang Dal and RSS. Both these law enforcing agencies greatly helped in the demolition.

He recalls that on that day Ashok Singhal dressed himself in military uniform and gave orders. He also recalls, soon after the demolition of the mosque they entered the muslim areas in the Faisabad and shouted "Jai Shriram". Now, Shive Prasad is receiving continuous threatenings from RSS, BJP and Bajrang Dal. Sangh Parivar has threatened to kill if he returns to India. But Mohammed Mustafa (Shive Prasad) says firmly that he will never turn away from Islam - the righteous path even if death comes his way.

Having learnt 17 Surahs in the Holy Qur'an, he is anxious to complete learning the whole of the Holy Qur'an. His ambition is to become a true Islamic preacher and and bring ignorant people to light. If Allah wishes, his ambition will be fulfilled and the very same hands which demolished the Babri Masjid will built up again.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ayodhya Verdict

*Ayodhya Verdict*
by Rajindar Sachar

Both government and opposition and the public in general are rightly in panic awaiting the verdict on Babri Masjid by Allahabad High Court – a situation brought about by the faltering non secular stand by all the concerned governments. The High Court is to give verdicts on the followingpoints;
1. Was the place under Babri Majid the birth place of Lord Ram.
2. Was there or not a temple on the land on which Babri Masjid was built.
Now it is obvious to the meanest intelligence that it is impossible to prove that birth place of Lord Ram was under the Masjid – it may be a matter of faith, genuine or contrived or otherwise, but that is no proof, nor can it ever be put forward as a legal ground to take away the land from the Mosque.
If the finding is that Masjid was not built on a temple, then the Muslims get the land back and free to use it in any way including the building of Mosque.
In the alternative it may be held that there was a temple on the land of Babri Mosque. But even with this finding the suit by VHP/RSS has to be dismissed. Admittedly Babri Masjid has been in existence for over 400 years till it was demolished by goons of VHP/RSS in 1992. Legally, speaking the Sangh Parivar would have no right even if a temple had been demolished to build the Babri Masjid.
I say this in view of the precedent of the case of Masjid Shahid Ganj in Lahore decided by the Privy Council in (1940). In that case there was admittedly a Mosque existing since 1722 A.D. But by 1762, the building came under Sikh rule and was being used as a Gurdawara. It was only in 1935 that a suit was filed claiming the building was a Mosque and should be returned to Muslims.
The Privy Council while observing “their Lordship have every sympathy with a religious sentiment which would ascribe sanctity and in violability to a place of worship, they cannot under the Limitation Act accept the contentions that such a building cannot be possessed adversely” and then went on to hold “The Property now in question having been possessed by Sikhs adversely to the waqf and to all interests there under for more than 12 years, the right of the mutawali to possession for the purposes of the waqf came to an end under Limitation Act. “On the same parity of reason in given if temple existed prior to the building of Masjid 400 years ago, suit by VHP etc has to fail”.
There is another reason why in such a situation, suit would fail because in common law, even a rightful heir if he kills his ancestor, forfeits his right of inheritance. In the Masjid case too, there was ‘murder mostfoul’and hence the murderer cannot be allowed to take the benefit of his own dastardly deeds, whatever the legal position may be.
It is true that sometime some Muslims groups in a spirit of large heartedness and as a measure of mutual accommodation, suggest that if it was found that the Masjid was built on the site of a temple, they would not like to now build a Mosque on the said site because the Koran forbids Muslims to build a mosque by demolishing any other religious place. But even them, if Muslims choose not to build a Masjid on this site, the ownership and use of the land remains with them. Hindu cannot under any circumstances lay a claim to this site which was under Babri Masjid.
Some well intentioned persons come out with apparently neutral suggestion of building a multi Religious complex on the site. To me this would be surrender to rabid Hindu Communal sentiment - whatever explanation you may give, a Muslim then would feel less equal citizen if even after he has won,he is asked to share this site with the goons who destroyed the Holy Mosque.This would be a defeat of secularism and against our constitution which mandates that all citizens, whether Hindus, Muslims have equal Rights and are equal before law.
A multi Religious Complex or multi culture Centre or a hospital can obviously be built by the joint free will efforts of both Hindus and Muslims. But such a complex if it is to be built necessarily must beon theland away and outside the Masjid complex, and that too only if theMuslimsgive their consent - obviously as vacant land belongs to the Muslims.But under all circumstances, the site under Babri Masjid must remain intheexclusive possession of Muslims who will be free to use it in any way the community decides.
I feel that the government should start doing an exercise of consultation, preparation on these lines – to await helplessly trying to anticipate what the verdict would be is like a pigeon who on seeing a cat closes its eyes with the delusion that cat will go away – the result is obvious.
Equally I feel that leaders of all communities, political parties,socialworkers should start planning to meet the situation, because this matter requires the involvement of people at grass root level and the matter does not brook any delay.
The legal position is clear. It is only the weakness of political will that is responsible for the Ayodhya imbroglio to continue as one of the most bitter disputes within the country. By keeping the Ayodhya issue alive, the country has been kept away from addressing it’s most urgent task – how to meet the challenge of the growing pauperization of the masses. And that includes both Hindus and Muslims.

Dated : 13-09-2010Published in *The Tribune* on 17/09/2010

Friday, April 30, 2010

Fall of Christian Colony, Delhi-7

May 1, 2010 0553 hrs.

I knew that my stay at Christian Colony was short. I have already cleared the accounts of those who have been helpful to me all these two years. It was only day before yesterday that I took a sigh of relief, having successfully catered with the pressure of examination. That was April 29. The last examination. An end to graduation. The mixed feeling prevailed. The happiness of getting rid of the burden of exams but also the sorrow of parting with friends. The much awaited joy eluded me. It suddenly felt that the purpose of life is lost; nihilism. I could not put to effect, what I had decided. Being Existentialist did not pay me back; Absurdity of Life. (I apologize using sundry literary terms having been engrossed into thick books of critical essays these last two weeks approximately.) I returned to my cage at what time I don’t remember. But it was already dark. Tiredness of few days had culminated. They jointly demanded for a long and undisturbed hours of sleep. I agreed.

I had my fourth cup of tea at Birju’s. Less sugar, less milk and more of water (Life!) it’s the one could get at any dhaba at Christian Colony. The cool drizzle had certainly made the weather amiable. The smell of the soaked soil induced sleep. The ambiance played lullaby. I slept, slept after a long time for a long duration and that too without any book below my pillow, even without any alarm, without any target for the next day. I slept. I was happy. It was a dreamless slumber. When I woke up, I hardly believed that more than half of the day had already passed. How I spent the remainder of the day? Answering this question, I believe, would be tedious to you. I meandered between sleep and dream. So it was already the end of April 30.

Tomorrow will be a new day. I will be happy.

I had already fulfilled my promise. I had splashed out of me every bit of fatigue. I woke early this morning. Fajar prayer is still an hour ahead. I decided to attain perfect freshness. To Birju’s. Less sugar, less milk and more of water! There were only two-three students( owls actually) who would go to sleep now that it’s going to be morning in about an hour and a half, having studied whole night for the upcoming UPSC preliminary exams on May 23. There were some more laborers, whose day had already begun. They were collecting their strength for the exhaustive day ahead even on Labor’s Day! They were the ones engaged for the renovation work going on for the coming Commonwealth Games, 2010. And then suddenly we heard the bang. We rushed towards the road.

Oh! I was stunt. Unable to move. Unable to think. It was gone. At first I was amazed to find the road separating the Maurice Nagar Police Station and the Christian Colony much wider. The police station seemed far. It was only when I noticed on my left that there was a huge lump of earth. It was the part of the demolished shops. I presume that the earth on the right has already been cleared even before Birju might have woken up, else he must have known. It was really unbelievable. It could not have been Christian Colony. For a few seconds I wondered whether after all, my sleep was not dreamless, and I was still in my bed, dreaming. Sleeping. Dreaming that which is Impossible. But thee I was standing amidst the ruins. I crossed the road with Birju, who had left his shop with no one to look after, and others.We wanted to have a better look at what has been, a few hours before the fa├žade of Christian Colony. It was no more. The cause of Commonwealth Games slashed them to ground.

I could feel the gaps. The unconscious edifices that were unaware and their nakedness was exposed. I could still paint the whole first row of shops at Christian Colony, with their banners: beginning from the fruit-seller to the long line of the shops of photocopiers; a general store and a stationery shop, booksellers, eateries, cafes, a graveyard.… the attire of the colony was ransacked, raped. I could not continue. I was imagining what was there but will never be more. So it was not actually a rumor. It was truth. I was not happy. I heard many talk before that under the planning for Commonwealth Games, it has been proposed that the Christian Colony will be a thing of past. A part of it has already become the part of history. The roads will be broad now. Surely, we will be able to, I hope, show to the foreigners that India is no way behind anyone in the matters of progress. But they will never know about the sacrifice that has been done to attain this end.

I am not happy as I had expected. True, life is not my mistress to amuse me and act according to my desires! I will be leaving the place soon but not with the memories I thought but something different!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Islam is Pro-Globalisation but Anti-Westernisation

The emergence of Islam around 1400 years ago was a result of the quest for “creative synthesis”. It paved the way to amalgamate ethics and knowledge, religion and science and Islam and other cultures. This religion testifies to the existence of three religions that are still practiced: Judaism, Christianity and the message of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Besides, there is a mention of sundry extinct faith. The Torah and the Old Testament has been mentioned quite many times in The Holy Quran. This holy book even substantiate from the New Testament; from Virgin birth of Jesus (PBUH), to his sacred miracles. Allah says in Quran, Chapter no. 2 verse 87:

“We gave Moses the Book and followed him up with a succession of apostles; We gave Jesus the son of Mary Clear (Signs) and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit.”

The revelation of Allah is universal and free from any kind of discrimination. Islam refutes the Marxist philosophers’ claim that even Religion is a tool in the hands of Bourgeoisie to suppress Proletariats; Ideological State Apparatus as it is known. Islam is to better the society in the light of brotherhood and compassion, promoting equality in a true sense, for every section of the society.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in his final sermon said:

“Even as the fingers of the two hands are equal, so are human beings equal to one another. No one has any right, nor any preference to claim over another. You are brothers.”

The Holy Quran states its basic teachings of brotherhood in Chapter 23, verse 52

“And verily this Brotherhood of yours is a single Brotherhood, and I am your Lord and Cherisher: therefore fear Me (and no other)”

In the next verse Allah presents the existing scenario of the world where people have treaded the wrong path against the sayings of Allah. A part of Verse 53 says,

“But people have cut off their affair (of unity), between them, into sects:”

There are many who argue erroneously that Islam is against Modernism and its aspects, the most prevalent issue of the day being Globalization. The first Verse that was revealed onto Prophet Mohammad was “Iqra’a” which means read! Therefore Islam is always for learning and for advancement. The progress in science and technology is always welcome by Islam but the only restriction posed by it is, that one must not transgress the limits stated by Allah. The globalization is the need of the time to counter the many complex challenges faced by people.

Globalization serves as a tool to cohere different groups of people by exchange of information amongst them and by promoting a sense of respect for the value and ethic system of one’s neighbors besides a material transaction of goods. Thus in a way Globalization should be praised for implementing a common ground. The interdependence of different regions of the world has led this phenomenon to stand for unification of the whole mankind. And, this is what Allah says in Quran, Chapter 3 Verse 103:

“And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves; and remember with gratitude Allah's favor on you; for you were enemies and He joined your hearts in love, so that by His Grace, you became brethren; and you were on the brink of the pit of Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus do Allah make His Signs clear to you: That you may be guided.

There is a report in Kinzul-‘Ammal, a book of narration from the 16th century; Pg 199, volume: 2 that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) advised people to indulge in the trade of clothes. Besides it being a fast growing trade at that time, a cloth-merchant always prays for the people to remain at ease and happy. This suggests that although Islam has been for the development, it does not restricts itself to just the commercial perspective. Ibn-e-Jarir mentions on the same page that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) asked the people of Madinah to promote agriculture by increasing the yield through the use of skull of camel. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) on Pg. 197 of the same book stated the vitality of agriculture and minerals:

“Seek your living in the hidden wealth of the Earth”

Islam appreciates Modernism but not how it is perceived today. Westernization is not Globalization and Islam is strictly against it. The word itself suggests that it has something to do with hierarchy; the West trying to impose its way of life upon the East. The West is implementing its style of life as the standard in the guise of Liberalism. It has been promoting a concept of chaotic world where morality does not exist. People are led by their passion and natural instinct. Allah speaks in the glorious Quran: Chapter 6, verse 116 to caution the believers against the theories formulated by mortal being:

“Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee away from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie.”

Morality in Islam addresses every aspect of a Muslim's life, from greetings to international relations. It is universal in its scope and in it is applicable everywhere. Being good is seen as primitive and rustic by the West for it is against their culture and their perceived notion of freedom. They disagree to accept any authority and to be accountable for.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anarchy continues...

This is to take the ongoing discussion to a new heights...
Sorry using in this regard a word like "height". It is rather a fall to abyss, and too only because the lowest one can descent to is this!
The end seems near, of humanity, of morality. Yeh kya hota hai bhai? (What is all this brother?)

The Paradox is on a rise. Now I wonder that some people are so short sighted or rather Amnesiac. They either forget once they have spoken as if to hold onto their words is the toughest thing to do or they don't know that the next thing they said or are about to say is but contrary to their first statement.

What should be done with the Australians?
What should be done with the is too vast a term for us. Let me correct myself and make my interrogation more specific:
What should be done with the non-Marathis in Maharashtra?

The greatest problem is that when some people think themselves to be the one who has the rights and powers to decide for others. What they will think should have to be thought by others and if they won't comply, they can go to any extent for it is the pivotal part of their existence. They don't see their life on a right track until they make others do what They want to do...
False Generalization...
Who are they to decide???
They have been handed these rights to vanquish other people's belief by whom???
Nobody questioned... So they did not answer.

With a knife in our hands we can never join anything, we will go on dividing until the smallest part will be beyond division. In how many states can a nation be divided? India?

Lets for the first step, we can count the total number of districts in each states and allow them to assert independence. Good. Around Six Hundred states. Then as next step we can consider Blocks, and similarly we can go to Grass-root...

There is an alternative.

Why not let loose the constricting thread through which all states are woven together. How many states there would have been that would be given the status of Nation? This question is getting tougher day after day. Today when you slept there were Twenty-eight states but when you were deep into your sleep, allowing your repressed thoughts to get surfaced in dreams, someone has conceived the notion of the Twenty-ninth! Anyways, whatever number of states are existent. The new members of UN, ASEAN, SAARC etc and we would also have given them, each one of them, a further cue to keep on dividing; districts will be their newly emergent states. The process will go on for sometimes.

What we are facing today is not a case of Binary Opposition. There are no Absolutes, as was proposed by Michel Foucault and instantly grabbed by us. The toughest job for us, Common People, is to select the one less evil amongst all evils, for Goodness is a shunned booty in one's character.

God knows what will come of all this. God, S.O.S.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Fall

So what if We have nurtured so many criminals in our country, we cannot accept the same by others, be they our neighbors or far-situated-racist-sister!

I Know I'm unable to express myself in a most expressing fashion for I know the dilapidated condition we are in. The grudges make me unable to mold my rational thoughts in the best possible way.

We love being paradoxical.....after all We still cherish our chicken-egg paradox! We wish to prosper; India should have a permanent seat it Security Council, but what good does it do for the suffering souls. The recession has been tackled, many companies have shown their growth in the last quarter of the Georgian year, but how does it has proved vital in the stability of price! Are the prices of commodities following the only-positive-movement-of
time notion!

We have taken various steps towards Globalization, world as one whole nation, but it does more to economically unite the world for the benefits of the bourgeoisie.

I suggest in meek words that we are still not fit to be Universal citizen because we are against even being an Indian, not all but scarce they are yet it matters, forget a feud between two nation, here two neighboring states are not compatible.

Our hobby: Divide into as many parts ( still an adorer of divide-and-rule policy, sub-consciously ) as possible so there cannot be any possibility to divide further...hmmm.

We will renovate the city, preparing it for Commonwealth Games, but we won't think about the poor scattered around on the footpaths and alas there are many who have lost the fight, fought amongst their type and they even don't own a spot at those pavements. Power amidst powerless!

We will present our nation in the best possible way, so that the "OTHERS" could appreciate us, our culture, which must appear strong from outside, who give a damn what's inside! We'll certainly veil our deficits somehow or the other, that's our prime motto. By the way what good can happen to the down-trodden? And when they are already named thus, why not let them come up to the expectation of the epithet they have been given?

What more can we say when in a SECULAR nation, a democratic party fights ( alas we even fight during democratic step, actually we don't contest!! ) election with a religious manifesto, and when they lose, they are still unawares about the whereabouts of the Nation's glories which lies in its Unity in Diversity.

It's strange that such people of such a great intellect, those to whom we hand the rights of judging for us, cannot think to even the level of petty uneducated labor. Has the wheel turned around, has the world neared a reversal. Is it antithesis? Then sure the desirous Change is Near. We Pray and We Hope and We Prepare for such a nation where.............................

Do I need to say, but after all it's only about Point of View.