Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anarchy continues...

This is to take the ongoing discussion to a new heights...
Sorry using in this regard a word like "height". It is rather a fall to abyss, and too only because the lowest one can descent to is this!
The end seems near, of humanity, of morality. Yeh kya hota hai bhai? (What is all this brother?)

The Paradox is on a rise. Now I wonder that some people are so short sighted or rather Amnesiac. They either forget once they have spoken as if to hold onto their words is the toughest thing to do or they don't know that the next thing they said or are about to say is but contrary to their first statement.

What should be done with the Australians?
What should be done with the is too vast a term for us. Let me correct myself and make my interrogation more specific:
What should be done with the non-Marathis in Maharashtra?

The greatest problem is that when some people think themselves to be the one who has the rights and powers to decide for others. What they will think should have to be thought by others and if they won't comply, they can go to any extent for it is the pivotal part of their existence. They don't see their life on a right track until they make others do what They want to do...
False Generalization...
Who are they to decide???
They have been handed these rights to vanquish other people's belief by whom???
Nobody questioned... So they did not answer.

With a knife in our hands we can never join anything, we will go on dividing until the smallest part will be beyond division. In how many states can a nation be divided? India?

Lets for the first step, we can count the total number of districts in each states and allow them to assert independence. Good. Around Six Hundred states. Then as next step we can consider Blocks, and similarly we can go to Grass-root...

There is an alternative.

Why not let loose the constricting thread through which all states are woven together. How many states there would have been that would be given the status of Nation? This question is getting tougher day after day. Today when you slept there were Twenty-eight states but when you were deep into your sleep, allowing your repressed thoughts to get surfaced in dreams, someone has conceived the notion of the Twenty-ninth! Anyways, whatever number of states are existent. The new members of UN, ASEAN, SAARC etc and we would also have given them, each one of them, a further cue to keep on dividing; districts will be their newly emergent states. The process will go on for sometimes.

What we are facing today is not a case of Binary Opposition. There are no Absolutes, as was proposed by Michel Foucault and instantly grabbed by us. The toughest job for us, Common People, is to select the one less evil amongst all evils, for Goodness is a shunned booty in one's character.

God knows what will come of all this. God, S.O.S.